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In-Kind Donation Form

Thank you so much for your expressed interest in donating to Win! We are so thankful to people like you who want to donate items to our families. It is amazing how far things like clothing, toiletries, toys and books can go. Before you make your donation, we want to provide you with a little information:
    • All Items must be NEW
      • There is NO exception to this rule
    • We only accept donations through our donation space located on 105th Street - NOT directly to our shelters
    • We only accept deliveries on Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 9am & 5pm
      • Cannot guarantee items dropped off outside of this time will be received

Once you have filled out the form, we will email you letting you know if we can accept your donation. If we are unable to, we will send you a list of other great organizations in need of donations like yours.


Thank you so much again, and we appreciate your continued support of Win and our mission.




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